We Provide All Information about Cricket.

Cricket is a game which is played between two teams, with eleven players each. Each team have some batsmen, bowlers and a wicket keeper. The game is officiated by two on-field umpires and a match referee. Cricket matches are played between national and international teams and like most other sports, cricket is also a very well loved sport.

After football cricket is the most  famous sports all over the world.

Cricket History:

No one knows when and where and when cricket began.

Some Says:

The starting of cricket is from England. Only these people starts play cricket first, then others.

No body knows the history of original cricket.

Everyone has their own concepts.

Types of Cricket :

Test Cricket

One-Day Cricket

County Cricket

Beach Cricket

Car Cricket

Club Cricket

First-Class Cricket

French Cricket

Indoor Cricket

Short Form Cricket

Twenty20 Cricket

Women’s Cricket

Cricket For The Blind