Fastest Hundreds in ODI Cricket

Updated list of fastest hundreds in ODI cricket career. Presently AB de Villiers of South Africa hold the record of fastest century in ODI cricket.

Fastest Century in ODI

Player Runs Balls Match Venue Year
AB de Villiers 149 31 South Africa v West Indies Johannesburg 18/01/2015
CJ Anderson 131* 36 New Zealand v West Indies Queenstown 1/1/2014
Shahid Afridi 102 37 Pakistan v Sri Lanka Nairobi 4/10/1996
MV Boucher 147* 44 South Africa v Zimbabwe Potchefstroom 20/09/2006
BC Lara 117 45 West Indies v Bangladesh Dhaka 9/10/1999
Shahid Afridi 102 45 Pakistan v India Kanpur 15/04/2005
JD Ryder 104 46 New Zealand v West Indies Queenstown 1/1/2014
ST Jayasuriya 134 48 Sri Lanka v Pakistan Singapore 2/4/1996
KJ O’Brien 113 50 Ireland v England Bangalore 2/3/2011
V Kohli 100* 52 India v Australia Jaipur 16/10/2013
AB de Villiers 162* 52 South Africa v West Indies Sydney 27/02/2015
Shahid Afridi 124 53 Pakistan v Bangladesh Dambulla 21/06/2010

Updated Date: March 1, 2015

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